Pregnancy bulge

At 39 and a half weeks pregnant!

Today I’m talking about the dreaded baby weight.

If you follow my blog you’ll know I have a one year old and I’m now 4 months pregnant with my second. As much as I hate to think about my weight whilst pregnant I am very aware of not over eating this time around.

With my first I put on just over 3 stone… 😳 I went a little crazy with the eating for two!

Luckily 3 weeks after giving birth I’d naturally already shed nearly 2 stone.

Louie was a nightmare sleeper often getting up several times in the night and not settling. I also had the joy of having quite a horrible emergency c section with took me a long time to recover from. With this in mind I didn’t actually feel I had the energy or enthusiasm to diet or exercise until end of February.

When I weighed myself at this point I had a stone to lose so I embarked on healthy eating and power walking with the pram. I eventually lost all the weight by August this year. I remember this day well as I hopped on the scales and text my hubby in excitement that I’d lost all the baby weight! Woop woop! (9 months on 9 months off). That very afternoon I found out I was pregnant with baby number 2!!!!!! 😂

This time round I’m really trying to go healthy and not put on too much, I’m certainly not obsessing about it at all (I ate 4 Mars bars on Sunday) but I am making sure that the good healthy eating days outweigh the bad. I’ve ditched the gym opting for walking and swimming regularly, I also think running after a one year old should help!!

I’ll update you all at the end of the pregnancy on how I’ve done and how I plan to shift it all after baby is born.

If you have any tips on keeping healthy in pregnancy then I’d love to hear from you! Or any tips for post baby too.

Until tomorrow xxx

4 thoughts on “Pregnancy bulge

  1. I had gestational diabetes with all my babies, the one up side to it though was that my doctor had me a strict diet, counting carbs and keeping a log of everything I ate which made my weight gain way better than it would have been! I was on bed rest with the last one so couldn’t keep up with exercise so diet was the only way for me to watch the weight. Lots of protein and controlling the carbs 🙂 I think I was allowed 130 carbs a day. (good carbs, no bad carbs)


  2. My motto was everything in moderation, and lots and lots of fruit to curb the sweet tooth. 🙂 Congrats on #2!! I am of the personal opinion that 2 is the perfect number. 😉


    1. Totally agree, luckily my craving so far has been apples! Last time it was chocolate cover Breakfast cereals! Eek! Thank you… Although I love the idea of 2 I’ve always thought I might have 3… So watch this space! 😉


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