Coppa feel


The last couple of weeks have been a bit emotional and stressful. My best friend found a lump in her breast and had to have a biopsy, after a week of waiting for the results we finally found out yesterday that everything is fine and dandy!

Thank god for that!

It’s really made me think about checking my breasts, I am rubbish at remembering. Yet it does only take a few minutes.

Being pregnant my boobs are constantly changing! I’m only 4 months gone and they have already gone up 2 cup sizes, and I was big before!!!! Not only that but they feel different, tender, swallon and like I’ve had breast implants: I haven’t! As much as the hubby loves this side affect of pregnancy, me not so much! And it just makes me more confused on what’s a good lump and bump and what’s not!

So I did a bit of googling and found these websites really helpful… Here are the links ladies;

They have a designated page about checking whilst pregnant.

Remember it’s a complete myth that you’re unable to get breast cancer when pregnant so coppa feel and check once a week. The earlier you catch it the better, with being a mummy you want to be in tip top health.


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