The mummy must haves…


Trying to get a good selfie this morning! Impossible with a one year old! 😂

I’ve never wanted to be a frumpy mummy, heading on the school run looking like I’ve just got out of bed. But.. In all honesty I can totally see why some mum’s look like that. Time is precious and non existent.

I thought I’d share some products and tricks I’ve discovered to make you feel and look more human, and I’d like to think a bit of a yummy mummy on little time!

My first must have is tinted moisturiser or a BB cream. Not only will it help that dry skin episcially in this weather but it will also double up as a foundation! I smooth on with my fingers no brush or mirror needed, my favourite is Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser. Its pricy at £34 but I love it and it lasts all day. There are loads of budget options on the high street too, I like the body shops cool bb cream.

I swear by eyelash extensions! Yes they are quite costly at around £50 for the set then £15-25 every 2-3 weeks for top ups but trust me they make a massive difference. No mascara needed, no fuss, full black lashes that open up your eyes and draw attention away from those dark circles.

Sleek tinted lip conditioner is a bargain must have at just £4.50. It’s small enough to carry in your pocket and does exactly what it says on the tin, conditions the lips with a tint of colour. I love it because it feels great, last well and looks like a lip gloss without the glop or stickiness. The colour I have is bare minimum.

I slap on loads of bio oil morning and night! In my experience it really helps with fading stretch marks and preventing new ones. I lived by it with my first pregnancy and luckily didn’t get a single stretch mark, I’m doing the same this time round and touch wood will be just as lucky. It’s about £6 for a bottle on the high street.

And last but not least is dry shampoo, I spray this in my dirty or clean hair. If I’ve gone a day or so without washing my hair this breathes new life in to it! I also swear by this when my hair is clean, it makes it more manageable getting rid of flyaway hairs and also adds volume! Perfect on the go hair!  Batiste is my fav at £2.99 a can.

If you have any products or tips that you live by I’d love to hear.



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