Do you have a Water Baby?


My husband is not a confident swimmer, he didn’t really go as child until he started school.

I on the other hand went regularly with my dad and was swimming laps by the time I went to primary school.

With this is mind as soon as Louie turned 6 months I started taking him to swimming lessons once a week.

It’s been a tough journey, ever since Louie had his first ever bath he’s cried when he’s touched the water! This has slowly improved over the months and now he’ll happily play in the bath; until you try to wash his hair then there’s hell to pay. ¬†Swimming has been much the same! He will play in the pool quite happy until the teacher shouts the dreaded words ‘dunk them under’. At this point we have tears that don’t stop until we remove ourselves from the pool.

We did have a breakthrough a couple of weeks ago when we went to Center Parcs. The baby pool there is great, the water is lovely and warm and it’s shallow enough for Louie to crawl and toddle through. There are numerous baby slides, water toys and jets shooting from the floor. We were quite surprised when Louie found it funny crawling through the jets whilst they sprayed him straight in the face with not even a tear in sight!

I’m hoping over time this will get better and with a bit of persistence (and what seems like cruelty) he’ll improve and be a water lover like his mummy.

One thing that has made a difference is Louie’s wetsuit from Beverly Kids, it helps him stay in the water for longer. It regulates the body temperature which means Louie doesn’t get cold and grumpy so quickly plus it looks fun too. We chose Louie the racing F1 style with the checkered flag design but they come in loads of cool designs.

What are you doing to make sure you little one is happy in the water?


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