It’s all about the lippy…


I love a bold lip especially in AW although I’m not often brave enough to wear one. This winter I’m really going to make a big effort to rock the lipstick look. The good thing about lipstick when you’re a mum is the rest of your face can be really simple, I just wear foundation and a quick swish of blush on the apples of the cheeks, a dust of powder on the teazone then I’m good to go.

Here are my favourites at the moment:image

MAC Amplified Girl about Town; Girl about Town is my favourite go to lipstick for a night out. The darkened Fuchsia Pink shade has a full coverage with a slight glossy sheen. It’s bold, its bright and it takes some balls to wear but when you’re out you won’t regret it.

Inglot 205; it’s pretty similar to Girl about Town but slightly darker. I love Inglot products, they last well, the pigment is strong and they won’t break the bank.

Bella Pierre Ruby; This is new to my collection, but it’s a go to red for me. It makes my teeth look really white as it has a slight blue tone and lasts really well. It does dry a little but to be honest I think that’s more my lips than the product.

MAC Dare You; A lovely dark red which is perfect for the winter season. If you’re not a big red fan or haven’t tried out a red before then this probably isn’t for you. I have very paled skin and I think this is perfect against it, it would work equally well on darker skin tones too.

MAC Russian Red; This is similar to Ruby Woo although a lot less dry and a lot easier to apply. The colour is slightly deeper than Ruby Woo, a great retro go to. I have a new leopard print head scarf that I’ll be rocking this with soon (pic to follow).

MAC Ruby Woo; The classic red from MAC which pretty much everyone’s heard of, if you haven’t tried this then you should. Although it is a very dry lipstick and can be quite hard to apply so make sure you use a lip liner for this one.

MAC Creme De La Femme; A light to medium soft pink, I would say it has a slight lavender undertone to it. It’s the lightest of the lipsticks I’m featuring in this blog post. In the tube it doesn’t look anything special but it’s really flattering. Apply one layer for a slight sheen, two layers for the ultimate opaque colour.

MAC Rebel; it’s really dark in the bullet but it’s a really lovely dark raspberry pink. It’s beautiful and by far my favourite lipstick at the moment! I’m wearing it today just to go to the shops, I also can’t wait to wear it when we head out over Christmas. It has a really blue undertone so will make those teeth look pearly white.

What are your go to Winter shades?


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