Week 17 Pregnancy Update

imageOur baby is now the size of an Orange! Crazy.

My headaches seem to have disappeared and I haven’t been sick for a few days now! Hurrah 😊

As the symptoms have gone I really don’t feel pregnant other than getting the shakes if I don’t eat regularly. My only real craving has been for apples, I eat 3-4 in one sitting, nothing very exciting there.

I’ve now put on 5lbs, which I’m happy about, by this point with my first I’d nearly put on double that.
My jeans still do up but tightly so I’ve moved to maternity jeans for comfort. The one big change in my bod is the increase in two cup sizes, which doesn’t particularly make me very happy.

We’re on the 3 week count down to our 20 week scan which I’m really looking forward to for peace of mind. Also pretty excited to find out the sex of the baby!

I’ve started swimming this week and thinking of starting pregnancy yoga prepping for the labour 😐

Today is the dreaded flu jab! Wish me luck, I have a massive phobia of needles!

That’s about it for this week.

Did you do pregnancy yoga? How did you find it? If you have any tips of prepping your body and mind for labour please let me know xx

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