Simple Product Review


I’m a luxury brand kinda of girl. My skin care routine usually consists of a Clarins cleanser and toner followed by Bobbi Brown oil free moisturiser. However since becoming a mummy I’m only able to commit to a few makeup jobs so I’m having to be a little more sensible with my money and am trying out more high street buys.

A couple of my friends recommended the Simple range so I thought I’d give it ago.

I picked up the Kind to Skin purifying Cleanser, Toner and Sun Kissed Moisture Cream from my local high street drug store for under £20!! That to me is pretty impressive as my cleanser alone usually costs well over that.

I’ve been using these products morning and night for a month now, I think you really need to test skin care products for a good month before making a verdict.

So far I’m pleasantly surprised!

The cleanser is really gentle to use, I applied with cotton wool pads in circular motions on my face and neck morning and night. It did a really good job at removing my makeup without drying my skin out. It felt like it cleaned my pores well and left my skin feeling clean and hydrated.

The Toner doesn’t contain any alcohol, colouring or perfume which is one of the reasons I was attracted to it in the first place. I applied it to cotton wool pads then wiped across my face and neck. It gently removes any excess oil and left my face feeling cool and really refreshed, and it didn’t leave my skin feeling tight like some toner’s so no drying the skin out.

The Sun Kissed moisture cream was quite light and did build up a very slight glow without the orange tinge. Plus it has a lovely bonus of no biscuit smell which most products with added tan have. I found it really good to use under makeup too, as it isn’t very oily so didn’t make my products slide off after applying.

All in all I’m pretty happy with the results, I’ve had no breakouts despite my hormone leaves going crazy and lack of sleep so it must be doing something right!

In fact I’m so pleased that I’m going to carry on using them, so happy days for my bank balance.

Can you recommend any drug store buys?


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