Week 18…


Bump is now the size of a dragon fruit, to be honest I don’t even know what a dragon fruit looks like! I’ve obviously lived a sheltered life!

It’s week 18 of bump and the no sleep has started. I averaged 3-4 hours sleep for 6 months of pregnancy with my first and it seems to be happening again. The extra down side this time is my 1-year-old Louie is up at the crack of dawn and wants to play! :-/

This week has been a pretty hard week actually as Louie has also decided to go down to 1 nap a day, I knew this was coming as he’s been fighting the afternoon nap for a while but now it’s here I’m devastated!

Anyway in a more positive vibe I’ve really started to pop, my tummy still looks like I’ve eaten too many pies but thinking by Christmas I should look preggers and not chunky which I’m excited about. I’m also feeling quite a lot of little kicks and movements now which is really reassuring.

I’ve started my hunt for a few pretty outfits to wear over the Christmas season which is harder than I thought. Thinking a few body con dresses that I can stretch over everything (Sounds attractive I know). I’ll do a little post with my finds in the next couple of weeks.

We’re on the 2 week count down to the next scan! We’re excited to find out that everything is ok with baby and also what sex we’re having! I can’t wait to start shopping and getting all the bits we need! 🙂 I’ve started writing lists already….

If anyone has any tips of how to get better sleep during pregnancy I’m all ears…

Charlie xx

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