Domestic goddess wannabe


You’ve probably noticed from previous posts that I strive to be a domestic goddess. One major area I really need to work at is getting my cook on!

I’m not saying I’m a bad cook but I do tend to stick to the same few dishes never really introducing anything new or exciting. Stuck in a cooking rut.

Now I’m a mummy and also pregnant with the next one good healthy family meals are really important to me.

So I’ve sought help in the form of Jamie. Jamie Oliver promises me in The Ministry of Food to make me a better cook! To be honest it’s working! The recipes are easy to follow, the ingredients list aren’t as long as my arm and are all things I’ve actually heard of which is pretty impressive!

So far I’ve cooked the Moroccan tagine which the hubby and I loved but Louie refused to eat it! The Cauliflower and Macaroni Cheese which considering the other half is very much a ‘if it’s not got meat in it I’m not eating it’ kinda guy he loved it and so did Louie. Tonight it’s Spag Bol!

I’m actually really excited to try out new recipes (sad I know) which I never get with cookery books usually!

For any fellow Mum’s who are looking for a bit of help on how to cook fresh family meals without losing the will to live I would certainly recommend this book.

I also invested in Jamie’s 15mins meals and Jamie’s 30mins meal, which I haven’t given all that much time to because the list of ingredients and cooking steps have kind of put me off!!

How do you find cooking for a family? Do you manage to find the time and energy? Because I know I struggle!

Charlie xx

One thought on “Domestic goddess wannabe

  1. I have a 2 yr old daughter but since I still live at home (sucks I know lol) I don’t have to cook much. And when I do cook, it’s usually the something over and over since that’s what they want. But I know I need to start cooking other things and learning for when I do have a family. So I’m glad I read this post! I’m gonna invest in a cookbook too, so I have it as a back up lol


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