The Classic Red Lip

imageA bold lip is fast becoming my signature style, particularly the red lip.

One of my best friends text me and asked to recommend a red lipstick she can wear this holiday season so I thought it was the perfect time to write a little post all about red!

Rocking a red lip is a great way to dress up any outfit from a casual jeans and jumper combo to a Christmas party LBD. So with Christmas and NYE fast approaching the red lip is the go to look.

I’m a very pale skinned girl so I always go for a red with blue undertones (the blue also helps your teeth look super white) like MAC Russian Red. If you have a darker skin tone one with more of an orange tint like Illamaqua Liable may be best for you. I’m very much of the opinion if you like a colour wear it! At the end of the day if you feel confident in it your smile and the way you walk will make you have the wow factor.

Also check out Max Factor Flame Tree and MAC Ruby Woo, two other great reds!!!

What’s your go to red lip colour?

Charlie xxxx

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