Turning the big 3-0


Sunday I turned the dirty thirty!!!! I’m all of a sudden starting to feel very old and am really paranoid I’m going grey! My mum assures me it’s just white blonde from the bleach but I’m not so sure!

Fifty percent of me doesn’t actually care, my life is in a pretty good place. I am happily married, have a beautiful one year old little boy and have another due in April. I’m bloody lucky with amazing family and friends, have a lovely home and my career is getting more on track. So pretty much every box is ticked!

The problem with turning the big 3-0 is more that I’m nearly 5 months pregnant, I feel fat and tired. I not having as much time to beautify myself so I feel a bit of a minger, no MILF here.

On the plus side I have been spoilt rotten by my darling husband, we spent a lovely family weekend in London, filled with lots of Winter Wonderland, eating and shopping! Amazing.


My beautiful friends took me for a lovely cream tea and showered me with gifts too! It’s been a gorgeous week of celebrations!


Actually turning 30 has given me a bit of a kick up the bum to get motivated again. I’m determined to tick a few more of my boxes in my 30th year and make it a good one!

I hear the thirties are the new twenties after all!

Charlie xxx

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