A healthy drink for toddlers, No monkey business!

I love Vita Coco, the healthy coconut water drink, I’m always sipping on it, so when I heard that they were introducing Vita Coco Kids I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some for my little Louie to try.


Vita Coco Kids comes in two flavours Mango & Pineapple and Apple & Blackcurrant. Louie’s tried the Apple & Blackcurrant one so far, he loves it!!! Although to be honest anything with a straw and he gets very very excited!

I’ve only really given Louie water or milk before now and I probably still won’t change that on a everyday basis. But these cartons are really handy to pop in his changing bag when we go out. They are naturally flavoured and only contain round 6 ingredients all of which I’ve heard of so I don’t feel guilty about letting him have them as a treat a couple of times a week.

Louie’s only just turned one so he couldn’t finish the whole carton which is completely fine with me as I got to finish it for him! And trust me they are delish!!

You can get these from most supermarkets including Tesco’s and Asda.

Definitely another healthy snack/drink to add to the list. Check out http://vitacocokids.com/uk/kids-club for more exciting kids products and giveaways.

Charlie xxxx

*Vita Coco kindly gifted me with this product, although all views are my own!

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