Louie’s Christmas Eve Box


The Christmas Eve box is a new tradition in our family. It’s not something the hubby or I had growing up but one of my friends does it for her kids and I’ve always loved the idea. Last year it wasn’t really worth it as Louie was only 6 weeks old but this year I’m super excited about it.

Here's last years Christmas xx
Here’s last years Christmas xx

So from what my friend has passed on it’s not supposed to be extra presents, the aim is to build the setting and excitement for Christmas Day.

With this in mind I’ve been collecting bits over the last few weeks and have finally put together Louie’s first Christmas Eve Box.


Here it is;

I’ve made this GLTC book cart Louie’s Christmas box so we can use it after. It a beautiful dark blue wooden box with white stars and lovely red wheels. It has a little string at the front so Louie can pull it around with his toys in after. http://www.gltc.com

Obviously the cart needs to have Christmas books to read at bed time. Louie loves the touch and explore books. The Christmas themed ‘that’s not my snowman’ and ‘little Reindeer’ are perfect. Both from WHSmith.


Also in the box are little reindeer pj’s from Next, I have near on matching ones and can’t wait to snuggle up in them together on Christmas Eve.

Christmas jumper from George at Asda, snowman socks and Christmas pud bib both from Mothercare. I put these all in his box so we can lay them out in Louie’s room together and get excited about wearing them on Christmas Day, we always wear cheesy Christmas jumpers.


White chocolate snowman from Thorntons; a little treat.

Thomas and friends bubble bath and sponge for a special bath before bed! I bought this from Wilko.

Peppa pig bowl, cup and spoon ready for Christmas breakfast. Louie loves a bit of Peppa pig! This again is from Wilko.

And lastly a little Christmas Elf sitting on the books at the back. I originally wanted a Christmas teddy but saw this in Clinton Cards and loved it, a bit of colourful fun.

I’ve then just tied a Christmas ribbon around it to make it look a bit more special. This ribbon is from Wilko.

Other ideas I’ve also thought about;

Christmas mug, hot choc and marshmallows; this is something I’ll definitely be including next year. Louie’s a little young for hot chocolate at the moment.

Christmas DVD; Louie’s not greatly interested in the TV yet let alone a film, after 5 mins he’s bored. Next year might be different.

Reindeer food; this is something for next year when Louie understands a bit more about Christmas.

Will you be doing a Christmas Eve box for your kiddies? Or do you have other unique traditions? I’d love to hear.

Charlie xxx


4 thoughts on “Louie’s Christmas Eve Box

  1. I’ve never heard of this before and am always keen to try new exciting things. Will keep this in mind for next year! We have a few unique traditions one is to paint our window in a Christmas theme. Pop over to mine and see my Christmas posts.


  2. This is so cool! I’ve always liked the Christmas stocking tradition which I started for my daughter last year as well, but she always opened everything on Christmas day. Now I’m thinking about letting her have her gifts in her stocking on Christmas eve! Yay (now I have one less day to fill it up lol)


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