4 baby essentials which are great beauty fixes!!


There are 4 products I can pretty much guarantee as mum you never leave the house without. These same products can be your beauty savours!!!

1. Baby powder: So we all know this keeps our little ones bum dry and fresh but this has so many other uses.
Greasy hair? No problem sprinkle this on to your roots to refresh, the perfect dry shampoo. Lashes looking short and unbatable (yep that’s a Charlie word)? No worries, Spray some hairspray onto a clean mascara wand and brush over lashes, next pop some baby powder onto a small makeup brush and dab onto lashes, next coat with mascara and your lashes will look super long and glamorous once more.

2. Baby wipes: These babies can be pretty much used for anything, removing your makeup when you’ve run out of your favourite cleanser, wipe off the food your toddler has just flicked on your jeans, refreshing your bod after a busy day at the park, you name it these babies can do it!

3. Vaseline: saying goodbye to chapped lips, dry hands, even a slick of this on your eyebrows and lashes can give you a little boost.

4. Sudocrem: this little pot of thick white cream can be amazing on dry skin, pop on after you shave to calm shaving rash and add a little to a spot overnight to conquer redness. Little warning this stuff is thick, sticky and is difficult to budge so use sparingly.

Charlie xxx

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