Our Christmas Decor

Christmas is coming and I’m soooo excited!!!

We’re finally finished putting all our decs up so thought it would be nice to do a little post to share with you all.


Christmas has always been a big deal to me and now we have little Louie it’s even bigger!

This is our first Christmas in our new home so it’s been really lovely choosing new places to hang the decs and deciding where to put the tree (or trees in our case).

First up is our trees: we love real Christmas trees, the smell, the look and the experience of going to pick them adds to our Christmas tradition. We got up early on Sunday morning and made the 20 mile journey to Simpsons Nursery in Fordham to pick our trees. After about an hour of looking at all the options we picked these two beauts! One massive tree for our playroom/dinning room and a smaller one for the Living room.


We tend to use our living room more as a movie room to snuggle up in on the evenings so we wanted more of an adult theme so I’ve decorated in silver and purple. I love it!  Most of the decorations are from Homebase and BHS.


The main beast of a tree which we had to chop about a foot off to fit is in the family room with a traditional red and white theme! Lots of Father Christmas’, red and white bubbles and little trinkets. Most of the decs on this tree are from Homebase, TKmaxx and Homesenses as well as lots of handmade wooden decorations we collected from various Christmas Markets in London, Budapest, Paris and Scotland. ❤️


Every year we get out of the loft our Christmas Car which we picked up in Brighton and our Father Christmas from Wales. As you can tell we usually go away around November time so I always pick up something from wherever we go.


We also got this massive branch of Mistletoe and handmade wreath for the front door from Simpsons Nursery in Fordham. I just could resist them! I added the maroon ribbon and bow to the wreath myself.


We have lots of other various decorations around the house including Christmas Cushions, handmade wicker hearts etc but i didn’t want to post too many pics that you get bored!


Now the big challenge is protecting it all from a one year old and 2 dogs!!!

If you’ve blogged about your Christmas decs please leave the link below, I’d love to see.

Merry Christmas Everyone

Charlie xxx

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