The Dettol Baby Blanket Donation


With a new baby on its way I’ve been having a look through Louie’s old bits and bobs and deciding what to pop in the loft, what to use for new baby and what to donate to charity.

Whilst dong this I came across a whole pile of blankets of all shapes and sizes! There are a couple which have lovely memories of Louie’s first few months which I just can’t bear to part with. But there are a few that just weren’t used because we were fortunate enough to be given and brought so many by friends and family.

With this in mind I’ve decided rather than put them back in the loft which quite frankly is no use to anybody, I’m going to give them to the Dettol Baby Blanket Donation. It really is a great cause, donate a baby blanket to families that need help in the UK and beyond. For every blanket we donate Dettol will donate £1 to Sparks who raise money to fund children’s medical research

If you want more information check out this video

So why not send off one of your old baby blankets and do a good deed for Christmas.

Love Charlie xxx

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