We’re half way through the pregnancy..and we know the sex!!!


I’m 21 weeks pregnant and the baby is now the size of cantaloupe melon! Wow!

There are lots to update you on this week, I’ll try to keep it short so I don’t bore you too much.

I’m showing a little bit although still not enough for people to guess when I see them in the street. My mammary glands are massive!!!! Ridiculously!!! I have now increased nearly 3 cups sizes and I had ample before I became preggers!!

I’m loving Bio Oil and literally pouring the stuff all of my torso at every opportunity in the hopes I won’t get any stretch marks!

Last Friday we had our 20 weeks scan, it was pretty amazing. The midwife was brilliant taking her time to show us every detail of baby and talking us through the whole scan.

Before the scan I was pretty convinced I knew the sex of the baby, all friends and family had been putting their bets in. Most thinking I was carrying a girl, I thought boy so when the midwife asked if we wanted to the know we were really excited… And I was really really shocked when she told us we were expecting a girl, I couldn’t believe it.

So Louie is going to have a little sister!!! We’re really happy.

Of course as soon as we found out we took a little trip to the shops so we could buy a couple of bits of clothing to make it feel more real.

Look at these beauts we picked up from Debenhams. They are both by Jasper Conran two piece sets including baby grow and matching hat. The first was £11 and is in a really lovely baby pink with red, green and plum polka dot print. On the back is a really cute frilly bit where the nappy would be. The second was £13 and is in a dusty pink with a cream rabbit print. As both come with a matching hat I’ll probably be packing them in my hospital bag. Although who’s knows as I probably would have brought loads more by then.


Health wise everything seems to be on track at the moment, I’m still pretty tired but I think that’s more to do with Louie waking up at the crack of dawn everyday. I’m looking forward to Christmas so the hubby can do the morning shift and I can get a lay in.

That’s it for now! I’m hoping to share with you more of my buys and beauty tips over the course of the pregnancy. I’m also hoping to start vlogging after Christmas too so if you have any requests don’t hesitate to drop me a mail, comment below or tweet me at @mummyintheknow.

Charlie xxx

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