Nursery Interior Design Inspiration.

image Now we know we’re expecting a little girl one of the first things on my mind is what to do with the nursery. It’s currently a guest bedroom with rather boring magnolia walls as it’s not been painted since renovating the house.

As we’ll be creating a lovely little nursery for the new baby we ( well I) also want to make Louie’s bedroom more of a little boys den rather than a nursery. There’s a lot of shopping and decorating to be done!

The new nursery is not a massive room so I can’t get too carried away but I’ve been hunting on Pinterest for inspiration and these are some of my favs. I really like the idea of a grey and baby pink colour theme and most of these fit that perfectly.

image    image image  image

I’m excited to share with you guys along the way as I buy bits/decorate both the nursery and Louie’s new big boy room. How did you decorate your little ones nursery? Or are you still to do it? I’d love to know.

Charlie xxx

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