Big changes to my blog…


Hi beautiful people,

I’ve now being blogging on Mummy in the Know for 6 weeks and I’ve been loving every minute of it. So now I know it’s really something I want to continue with I think some changes are in order and I wanted to let you all know what to expect from Mummy in the Know.

In January I will be launching my new blog domain with a fab new layout and design. I will be running a stricter schedule posting 5 times a week Monday-Friday. This is so I can make sure I have ample family time plus blog plenty to keep all of you guys happy. A schedule works better with me and my Mummy duties plus you’ll know when to expect a post from me.

I’ll be posting the following topics on set days:

Wear It Monday; fashion and shopping make for Fashionable Mondays!

Bake It Tuesday; it’s all about the food! And maybe a few drinks thrown in there too!

Primp it Wednesday; this is beauty day, makeup looks, products I adore, nails, hair and skin care! Beautiful Wednesdays!

Style It Thursday; Interior design to gift wrap to outfits, let’s get stylish on a Thursday.

Mummy Friday; pregnancy, baby, parenting Fridays cover it all!

Eventually I’ll be adding Vlogging Sundays. I’ll keep you posted when I plan to start this, hopefully by February I should have my YouTube channel sorted.

I’m really excited about the changes and hope you are too! I plan to introduce them from the 1st January but will start posting some of these topics and days before then.

Charlie xxx

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