Mummy Friday: Our Routine with a Pregnant Mummy and Toddler

Hi lovelies,

Welcome to my first Mummy Friday!!!

Recently I’ve been asked a lot about our daily routine including sleeping, bathing, feeding etc. We adjust our routine month to month as Louie gets older and his needs change and obviously it will change drastically when new baby arrives. We are quite a routined family and for now this is what we do on a day to day basis.

Louie doesn’t wake up at the same time everyday unfortunately, it can be anywhere around 5.30-7 but more often than not it’s about 6.15 so we’ll start with that.

6.15: Louie wakes, we head downstairs. Louie will have a tippee cup of water whilst the hubby and I sort out breakfast and feed the dogs.

6.30: Louie will have his brekky which usually consists of mini Shredded Wheat or Wheatabix which I add some fruit to usually banana or blueberries. Louie loves these because he’s at the age where he hasn’t quite got the hang of using a spoon but won’t let me feed him from one either so these are perfect for him to grab bite sized amounts with his fingers. Whilst Louie eats I do the boring stuff like unloading and loading the dishwasher.

7-8: Louie finishes breakfast, I wash his face, get him dressed and clean his teeth. Then Louie will play for half an hour whilst I have breakfast which is usually toast or cereal and I check my emails. Then I rush around cleaning up after breakfast.

8-9: We head upstairs and Louie will play; his favourite is unloading the bathroom cabinet whilst I shower, get dressed and make the beds.


9-10.30: Louie has a nap, I sort the washing out, do a bit of cleaning (each day I aim to do a different area ie: bathrooms one day, bedrooms one day etc)

10.30-11: Louie wakes up, he will have a cup of whole milk on the sofa, he’s usually quite grumpy for half an hour whilst he wakes up.

11: This is when we try to head out and do something like pop to the shop, head to the park or have a ride on the trike in the village.


1-1.30 Louie and I have lunch usually something like scrambled eggs on toast, jacket pot and beans, tuna sandwich or smoked salmon and poached eggs. Followed by fruit like satumas, grapes, strawberries or banana.

1.30-3.30 this is activity time, so depending what we’ve done in the morning we will head out to see friends for softplay/swimming/play date or an activity at home. Activities at home consist of playing with Louie’s puzzles, playing with trains and cars, reading books, drawing or chasing the dogs around in his little tikes car.


4-4.30: Louie has a fruit snack and a cup of water whilst I feed the dogs and start prepping tea.

4.30-5: We head upstairs so I can put the washing away and generally sort bits out.

5: I put dinner on, Louie will eat the same as us now. I cook something like spag Bol, macaroni cheese, stew, pie or fish of some sort; I make everything homemade as I hate the ingredients and taste of packet food. Although don’t get me wrong we have takeaway Friday where we eat rubbish ❤️ Whilst I’m doing this Louie usually plays under my feet and generally moans that I’m not giving him full attention. 5-6 is definitely Louie’s witching hour!!

5.45: Daddy gets home from work and we sit down as a family to eat dinner.


6.30: Play time with Daddy

7: Bath time, we bath Louie every night, washing his hair every 2-3 nights, if he’s rubbed his food in his hair it’s more often.

7.30 Cup of whole milk with the lights off in Louie’s room which Daddy or I take in turns to do and then Louie goes down for the night. We got rid of all Louie’s bottles over Christmas, it was a bit of a battle but I’m glad we did it, Louie doesn’t seem to mind at all that he has a cup before bed. We’d love to be able to read a book before bed but Louie always gets so tired and grumps, I think he’s just to young at the moment.

7.30 Clear up after dinner and prep bottles/cups/fruit for the next day. Daddy either walks the dogs or goes for a run when he’s training for a marathon.

8.30 Quailty Mummy and Daddy time to catch up and watch a bit of TV/Read ready to do it all over again the next day. And by this time we are usually shattered! Bed time is around 10ish so we don’t actually have that much time to chill.

I hope you Mummies (and of course Daddies) find this interesting and helpful.

We do try to stick to this as much as we can when we are at home as Louie is so much happier when we have a routine although obviously if we out for the day we just go with the flow.

Love Charlie xxx

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