Primp it Wednesday: Skin Saving Foods!


Hey Beauts,

It’s Primp it Wednesday.

Since falling pregnant my skin couldn’t be further from having a pregnancy glow!!! I’ve never been blessed with naturally clear skin so my diet plays a massive factor in keeping my skin in tip-top shape. Here are my top spot fighting foods:

1. Fruits like Strawberries, Oranges and Watermelon are all great sources of vitamin C which is great for protecting skin from scaring and they taste yummy too.


2. Get your figs on: figs contain magnesium which is acne fighting! I add these babies to natural yogurt for breakfast, yum.

3. Nuts about Nuts: brazil, almonds, and walnuts are a delicious snack plus they contain Vit E, Selenium and omega 3 which are all great skin boosting ingredients.

4. Oily fish is the way forward. I try to eat 2 portions a week as they contain omega 3 fatty acids which is great for skin and baby too!

5. WATER!!! I drink litres a day, when I don’t I notice a massive difference in my skin. Keep your skin hydrated and your pores will thank you for it!

I swear by all of theses, if you are interested I can post some of my favourite meals and snacks I do for the family which include these ingredients. Tweet, comment below or message me if this is something you want to see.

love Charlie xxx

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