Mummy Friday: 26 Weeks Pregnancy Update

image Welcome back to Mummy Friday. 26 WEEKS! Can you believe it! I can’t, time is flying by.

Excuse the makeup free photo it’s just one of those days and the big pile of stuff behind me!! It’s the utility room what more can I say!

I haven’t written a pregnancy update post since week 20 so I though it was about time! Things are going well so far, baby now is the size of an aubergine which sounds massive but I’m still not showing that much. I have a bump but unless I said I was pregnant you wouldn’t really guess! Although I have now gained a stone so things are definitely getting more chunky. Sleeping is getting slightly easier now I have my Dream Genii pillow, it honestly is my best friend! I got this from John Lewis for about £50. Since then I’ve been sleeping better and my headaches have disappeared which is pretty amazing!


The only issue I seem to be having is a little trouble walking sometimes as my left hip is quite painful when the baby lies in a certain position which makes life a little difficult when you have a 14 month old to run around after.

We are still debating names!! I think this will go for a while as I don’t see it resolving any time soon but it’s quite fun having the debate as we agreed straight away with the name Louie with our first-born.

Over Christmas we brought Louie a book called My New Baby which we’ve been reading ever day, Louie now points at the baby when we say where’s the baby so some of it is sinking in.

That’s it really for this week, I have my Glucose test next week which I’m not really looking forward to as I’m terrible with needles, on the other hand I’ve suffered with low blood sugar during this pregnancy so it will be good to check everything is ok.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Love Charlie xxx

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