Eat it Tuesday: My pregnancy food diary.

Hi Beauties,

It’s another day and another new feature, today it’s ‘Eat it Tuesday’, Monday’s meals blogged on a Tuesday. I’ve currently called it Bake it Tuesday but as I can’t bake to save my life it’s a bit uselessly named!

Obviously as it’s the new year I’ve embarked on the usual get healthy for 2015 so I’ve been making more of an effort to cook and pick healthier choices.

So here’s what I’ve eaten today; It was a really early start this morning Louie’s teething so sleeping after 6am is pretty unheard of at the moment. Being 27 weeks pregnant I’m literally starving when I wake up so this morning I headed straight for the porridge. Porridge made with water with banana, Cinnamon and Dried Fruit, and to drink was a pint of water with my pregnancy vitamin tablet.

We ended up having a hectic morning playing, cleaning, various deliveries and my Mum popped over for a catch up so no mid-morning snack. Lunch was English muffin toasted, scrambled eggs (eggs from the in-laws chickens) and asparagus, again with a pint of water, Louie ate the same.


We had family dinner about half 5, I had a massive craving for steak so I had a massive lump of it served well done obviously as I’m preggers, I had it with grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, asparagus, and some watercress and rocket to get some extra iron! After Louie went down for bed I tucked into some red grapes and a satsuma.

That’s it for today.

It’s Primp it Wednesday tomorrow on the blog and I’ve reviewing Tan Organic’s fake tan so head on over to have a nosey.

Charlie xxx

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