Style it Thursday: Toddler Shopping Haul

Hi My Lovelies,

Todays Style it Thursday is all about some of the items I’ve picked up recently for my boy Louie. Louie’s coming up to 15 months and on the 98th percentile for height so even though he’s still in 12-18 month clothing it won’t be long before he needs to move up a size. I like to be organised and have some in the wardrobe ready so it called for a little shopping spree.

Here are my finds:

Next had this pack of three long-sleeved tops for £14, which I think is a really good price. On the elbows they have these really cute stars which is a lovely detail. I often buy these packs of t-shirts from Next as they wash really well and are a bargain.


I also got this swimsuit with a funky monkey on for £13, we’re off to Centre Parcs in a couple of weeks so needed to make sure we had a swimming costume that fits the boy.


Gap had a massive sale on so I picked up quite a lot. These jogging bottoms are ideal for Louie to knock around the house in and only £7.99.

This cute polo neck had to be purchased, it was only £4.99 and is exactly like something Daddy would wear, Daddies mini me.

No 1 bro… with Louie’s little sister due in a few months I can’t wait for him to wear this, again in the sale for only £3.99.

image  image  image

These wellies are from Mothercare, Louie doesn’t even watch Thomas the Tank as he’s not interested in telly what so ever but I love Thomas so these were a winner with me.


The hubby is a massive Arsenal fan so when he went down to watch a game last week he came back with this adorable kit, Louies first football kit. I can’t wait to see how cute his little chunky legs will look in it!!! 😍😍 Its size 1-2 years so should last a while.

image image

Lastly as Louies now walking I had to invest in a harness so I picked this Tiger from Winnie the Pooh designed back pack from Little Life. I brought it from John Lewis for about £25, I haven’t actually used it yet so will let you know how we get on.

That’s it for now.

Love Charlie xxx

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