Mummy Friday: Surviving on no sleep


Its Mummy Friday and I’m talking lack of sleep!

Louie’s coming up to 15 months and to be honest he’s never really been the best of sleepers! Until he was 6 months Louie was up every 2 hours for a feed!!! Then from 6 months until 8 months it was every 3 hours!!! Then all of a sudden he started sleeping for longer and longer periods of time until now at 15 months he sleeps from 7pm until 6am (ish) every night! Not bad, not bad.

That is until the past couple of weeks where he’s been a nightmare! Teething and a cold means no sleep for Mummy or Louie. Now I know this happens from time to time but it’s made me fear what I have in store with baby number 2 less than 3 months away. 😩

What I have been trying to really remember is how I got through it all and how we managed to get Louie to sleep through in the end. So here’s what I learnt from Louie and what I hope to continue with the next one all being well:

The biggest thing for us was a good night-time routine! It really kept me sane! We started when Louie was just 8 weeks old: Bath, PJ’s, Feed, Bed at the exact same time every night. We still have the same routine now and Louie goes down like a dream. This is definitely something we are going to make sure we continue with baby number 2.


The other thing I found kept me going was to go out! I didn’t learn this for a while but swear by it now. At the start Louie would have bad night after bad night with me surviving on as little as 3 hours sleep a night. To start with I stayed in with Louie during the day feeling sorry for myself, not seeing anyone or doing anything. This made me feel more down and depressed! So I started to make an effort to head out for at least a couple of hours everyday. To catch up with my friends who were fellow Mummies made me feel not so alone or like I was doing things wrong because most were in the exact same boat.

The other thing I swear by is to shower, get myself dressed and do my hair and makeup first thing in the morning. It sounds like a lot of hard work and the last thing you want to do when you’ve had no sleep but it made me feel more alive and ready to crack on with the day. I honestly believe it made/makes me a better mum for it as I’m ready for the day’s challenges.

I know these are not rocket science but they really help/helped me to get through the hard months.

Now that’s all well and good with one, let’s see if I can manage to do it with two!!! We will soon see!

Love Charlie xxx

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