Primp it Wednesday: Getting my Tan on with Tan Organic


This weeks Primp Wednesday is all about fake tanning.

Naturally I’m very pale skinned, let’s say milk bottle like! Which some times I love, other times I hate.

I’m 29 weeks pregnant, I’m feeling massive and hugely unattractive! One thing that always makes me feel better and more human is a tan!

Tan Organic got in contact with me a couple of weeks ago and asked me to review their tan. Now I don’t actually do review posts very often because I’m quite selective plus being pregnant try not to put unknown products on to my skin so naturally I was a bit unsure. However when Tan Organic told me about the fact their products have no toxic preservatives and are made from natural ingredients I thought this sounds too good to be true. I just had to try it out!

So let’s get straight into the review:

First impressions: The bottle is pretty impressive to look at, made of glass with a cute little wooden lid. Apparently the reason they use glass is because it doesn’t leak any nasty dioxins into the formula like plastic packaging can.


Application: I did the usual prep before hand of shaving and exfoliating to make sure I gave the product the best chance. To apply I used my trusty fake tan mitt which never lets me down, I tipped the tan onto the mitt and was greeted with an expected liquid. The consistency is a bit like a cross between water and oil, it’s a clear liquid and tips out quite freely from the bottle. Smell wise it has a strange smell, not bad, not good, not the usual fake tan smell either, its difficult to explain but it pretty much disappeared when I applied to my bod. It applied easily and I really didn’t need a lot of product to do my whole body and considering the size of my bump that’s quite impressive to be honest. It dried quite slowly for me but that’s because I’m always in a rush with a toddler pulling at me. Once it did dry I didn’t smell biscuity like other tans I’ve used which is a pleasant surprise. I left the tan the recommended 8 hours to develop wearing loose clothing.

8 hours later:

8 hours on and the tan had fully developed. It didn’t really smell that strong to be honest, a slight odour but nothing to shout about. The tan itself dried evenly with next to no streaking; I had a little around my feet but I think that’s my application and not the actual tan.  Colour wise, well, if you’re looking for a strong Towie type tan you will need a few coats as after one application I’ve been left with a natural glow which I’m actually really liking!!

Let me leave you with this as I think it says it all;

My hubby got home from work last night and one of the first things he said to me was ‘have you fake tanned?’ As soon as he said that I thought here we go. My husband hates it when I fake tan so I was expecting a flood of moany comments like ‘You look bright orange’ or ‘What have you done, you look well funny’. Instead I was greeted with ‘It looks really good, natural, not the usual orange that you get’. Now that’s a good review!

Here are the selfies, I’ve taken a few with all different lighting so you can see the colour, I think you’ll agree it’s very natural looking. (No filters used).




If you are interested in giving Tan Organic a go then check out their website

Love Charlie xx

This product was gifted to me but all views in this post are my own!

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