Mummy Friday: Pregnancy update week 29


Hi Lovelies,

Welcome back to Mummy Friday and another pregnancy update.

Week: 29

Baby Size: According to my app she’s the size of Aubergine.

Weight Gain to date: 18lbs, I ate a lot in Centre Parcs so think that will explain the 3lb weight gain and obviously the baby is growing lol.

Cravings: I’m back on the food big time and it’s all about the fruit this week, especially watermelon!!!

Sleep: Averaging about 5 hours a night at the moment which is good for me.

Current Mood: I’m not too hormonal this week actually, feeling quite positive although feeling abit over being pregnant. I hope the last 11 weeks fly by!

Appointments: None this week. Although just got my date through for my consultant appointment in March.

Symptoms: Nothing to shout about this week which is all good. My wedding ring is still on the finger no swelling yet and my belly button hasn’t popped out infact it seems to be getting deeper.

Stretch Marks: None, woop. Bio Oil is doing me proud. Although I’m getting far to cocky about not having any so I probably will be riddled with them by the end!! 😜

Positive of the week: Louies sleeping through again so I’m actually getting sleep!!! Plus all the nursery furniture has arrived so we plan to sort that out this weekend.

Clothes: Jumper is a cheap H&M number.

Love Charlie

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