Mummy Friday: Pregnancy update week 30

Hi Lovelies,

If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been hiding it’s been quite a week so I had a few days off. Louie’s had another stinking cold which means sleepless nights for us all. I think it’s all starting to take its toll on my body as to be honest I’m feel pretty shattered and the lack of sleep is making me feel and look rubbish. Anyway it’s Mummy Friday and here’s my week 30 pregnancy update:

Week: 30

Baby Size: According to my app she’s the size of a green cabbage.

Weight Gain to date: 20lbs, at this rate I’m going to have  put on more weight than I did with Louie! Bump is getting massive.

Cravings: Chinese takeaway; a nice healthy craving :-/ I actually think its because I’ve been really tired so craving the bad stuff!

Sleep: Was great over last weekend but since Monday not so good. Louie’s poorly again so the nights have been tough! Averaging about 4 hours a night, I need more! :-/

Current Mood: Freaking out about getting everything organised! Time seems to be flying by all of a sudden.

Appointments: None this week.

Symptoms: Bit of hip pain, nothing that bad at the moment. Throbbing legs at the end of the day and body feels a bit tender! My wedding ring is still on the finger no swelling and my belly button is still firmly in place. Going to start swimming again in the hopes it will help with the muscle ache.

Stretch Marks: None, yet.

Positive of the week: We had a couple of lovely play dates at the beginning of the week before Louie was poorly again. Plus I’ve ordered a load of bits for the nursery so not much left to get which is pretty exciting. As soon as it’s finished I’ll do a post.

Clothes: Top Newlook Maternity.

Love Charlie

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