Style it Thursday: The Statement Necklace


I’m a big fan of a statement necklace! I honestly believe it can take your outfit from boring to fab in one easy step. So that’s what I’m talking about on today’s Style it Thursday on a Friday!

Accessories are big this winter and big bold necklaces are all over the high street, from sparkly numbers, to geometric collars, the necklace is a no brainer.

The necklace I’m pictured in above is from Oasis in the sale for £4!

Here’s some tips on how to rock the statement piece:

-Remember to keep the rest of the outfit simple, I always keep my makeup quite simple too with just a slick of eyeliner and a bold lip.
-Don’t be tempted to pile on the jewellery, if your going to be bold with a big necklace let that do the talking, leave the earrings off.
-If you’re looking for a cute day outfit try with a shirt buttoned to the top with the necklace sat on top tucked under the collar.
-Neon, glittery, geometric, chained, collared you name it it’s out there so be brave and try a few different designs, it’s a look I think once you’ve tried it once you’ll never look back.


Charlie xxx

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