A Mummy Moment: Why blog?


I’m thinking about this post whilst cuddling my little boy at 2am sitting on his nursery chair. He’s poorly again which means more sleepless nights! I’m shattered, lack of sleep being heavily pregnant is tough on the body and I’m starting to really feel it.

It’s always in the middle of the night I start to worry about everything I have to do. Tidy the house, food shop, start sorting out bits for the baby, admin admin admin etc plus blog. I’m being completely irrational as it is 2am and I’m half asleep but I really started to think about should I give up blogging.

I’m not a strong writer, I’m not going to pretend I am! English was my worst subject at school and despite having a good carer in PR and Marketing until I gave up to be a full-time Mummy writing has never been something I’ve been great at. I’ve always relied on my good people skills to get me by which made a semi-successful career for myself over the years!

I’m not under any illusions that any of my posts are going to make ‘this weeks great blogging reads’ on the many Twitter accounts I follow. Most of my posts are fluffy, short posts that are normally picture heavy. Oh and let’s not get me started on my photography skills! They are poor despite having a photography A Level! But come on give me a break, we are taking about 11 years ago when digital didn’t really exist. I’m yet to invest in a decent camera until then I’m working with an iPhone and tablet!

So let’s recap, I’m a crap writer with rubbish photography skills! So why the hell am I doing this?!

I’m doing it because even though I’m not a natural I do really enjoy it! And to be honest well written doesn’t seem to mean that much to people these days! I mean for goodness sake 50 Shades sold millions and that’s far from being well written! So maybe there is hope for little old me!

My blog does seem to keep me sane and more in contact with the real world! A place for me to rant, rave, boast, cry, be real, relatable or maybe unrelatable you tell me. It’s a place for me to talk up the highs, brush off the lows and for my crazy sleep deprived head to find some sort of sanity!

I don’t really want to give up blogging at all. I’ve only been blogging 4 months (Yep I’m that much of a newbe) and I’ve already had over 20,000 views which might not be a lot for some but for me it’s amazing. I’ve watched my followers slowly increase not only on my blog but all social networking sites, so someone wants to read this crap! I think the change I have to make is to not feel guilty if I don’t blog as regularly as I would like. If I have to take a few days off then that’s what I have to do! I’m heavily pregnant and soon to have a newborn and a 17 month old very active little boy. I’m sure you guys can forgive me if I go off the radar from time to time I promise I’ll always come back with some more rubbish reads 😉

Love Charlie xx

8 thoughts on “A Mummy Moment: Why blog?

  1. I could’ve written this post myself! You’re doing great, 20000 views is amazing. I’ve been blogging for 7 months and haven’t had that many. I think as long as we blog for ourselves, others will appreciate that. x

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    1. Thank you! Lack of sleep makes you over think and doubt everything! I completely agree with you, blogging for ourselves is the only way. When you start blogging for other people it starts being a job and not a enjoyable hobby! Xx


  2. Why you should continue blogging:
    We as mothers can get to a place of self-deprecation when we get tired, and worn out while fighting the normal uphill battles of motherhood. You need an outlet, and to let other mothers know that it is okay and normal to feel these things. While we can let you know it is okay to feel this way too. We as woman/mothers need to stick together. What you call “fluff” I call stuff similar to me and every other mom’s everyday life too. You are on the opposite side of the world as me but we are as similar in our struggles and life as we are different.….plus, you make me laugh. Sometimes that is what one needs 🙂 I hope you can get some rest soon.


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