A Mummy Moment: Stay at home Mummy


When I fell pregnant with Louie I wasn’t partially enjoying my job. I was working in marketing for a large corporate company and there was a lot of pressure. Don’t get me wrong the money was good, a travelled a lot which I enjoyed and I made a few really good friends which I can imagine I’ll be friends for life with. The hours where long, I slept very little worrying constantly about my work load and keeping everyone happy, I had quite a stressed life style. Working in that job whilst pregnant was tough and at times I found it really challenging to hold it together. In the end I took early’ish maternity leave for my own sanity.

I always knew I’d take a full year off and imagined I’d return if not to that job but another part-time. I like having my own money and feeling like I contribute, my own mother always worked when I was a child so it’s something I’ve grown up with.

Once I had Louie things really changed with me, I just couldn’t imagine leaving him in a nursery or with a child minder. I love being with him and never had a day where I wished I was at work. I have friends that as much as they love their children they couldn’t wait to return to work, I have friends who had to return without a choice due to needing the wage. I also have a massive amount friends that would love to return to work but can’t afford the childcare.

Sometimes I feel like should be working, I get comments regularly from other working Mum’s and their partners making me feel like I’m lazy for not going back. I also have friends that work that would love to be at home full-time with their children but don’t have a choice. I feel very lucky that my husband gave me that choice, in fact he actually wanted me to stay at home. My husband grew up with a Mum who stayed at home and has lots of fond memories of this. Don’t get me wrong if I said I wanted to go back to work he’d also be supportive of this.

I’m extremely lucky that financially I don’t need to earn, my husband has a successful business and I’m very proud of him as it’s taken him 12 years of hard work to get it to the place it is today. At times it comes with massive stress, long working hours and we have had to make sacrifices along the way. Sometimes when he’s had a tough time at work he sees home as his sanctuary . This makes me happy and proud that he feels like that, despite him walking through the door to a screaming toddler, crazy dogs and the house in a bit of a pickle.

I know that being a stay at home mum at the moment is the right thing for our family but as soon as the last child is at pre-school full-time I will return back to work and when I do I want to climb that ladder. I have my own career goals I want to achieve but at the moment being a mummy is my priority.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that working as a mum is bad. As I said before my mum worked full-time and it did me good. I have to make a conscious effort with Louie to make sure he’s socialised with other children. I know Louie is more attached to me than he probably should be with tears when I walk out the room. I also know that I have to make sure I do the activities like messy place, drawing, teaching him numbers and the alphabet, singing nursery rhymes etc as he doesn’t get that with not attending a nursery. I worry everyday about his development and his social skills and I know I wouldn’t have to worry about this if he did go into childcare.

Sometimes life as a Mummy is tough as we feel guilty no matter if we return to work or not. I’m a strong believer in not feeling guilty in making the best decision you can for you and your family given the situation at the time.


Charlie xxx

7 thoughts on “A Mummy Moment: Stay at home Mummy

  1. Great post. I went back to work in the Army after having M, but it just wasn’t working so I left and now stay at home. It was a tough decision, but being a Mum and Army life just didn’t work for me. I love being at home with her and know that it’s the best decision I made! 😊 X

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  2. I really commend your belief in not feeling guilty about making the right choice for you as a mum. It’s something I try to do daily but I end up feeling guilty about all sorts a lot of the time.

    I’m a working mum and run two businesses, or should I say juggle them with looking after my two pre schoolers! It’s bloody tough a lot of the time but for me work is my escape and I’m lucky enough to do a job I really love so I’m very grateful for that. Like you my mum always worked and I suppose I feel proud about the fact my almost four year old daughter sees how her dad and I work as a team to get everything done. It’s how my parents always were.

    I think it’s really important that mums should make decisions that are right for them without bring judged. Far too much of that goes on in my experience! Brilliant that you are loving the early years with your little one and getting to do what’s right for you.

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  3. Like you I love being at home with my little boy. I did worry that he might become too clingy with me always being around. But he’s a confident, very social & happy little toddler. If I do have to leave him with a minder on the odd occasion, he never minds. I think me being his full time carer gives him a great sense of security. But as you said everyone must do what is right for them, and ignore what others think. Xx

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  4. Yes, there are so many little things he does and says that to me are so funny, and I always look forward to telling my partner when he gets home from work. I often wonder if I left him with a minder would they even think to tell me some of those things. Some things are only significant to mummy xx

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