Mummy Friday: Pregnancy Update Week 31


Hi Lovelies,

Happy Friday everyone, I’m so glad it’s nearly the weekend! Its my week 31 pregnancy update and if I’m telling the truth I’m really not enjoying myself at the moment but I know I’ve not got long left!

Week: 31

Baby Size: According to my app she’s the size of a Winter Squash.

Weight Gain to date: 20lbs still, no gain this week which is a small miracle as I’m eating like a horse!!!

Cravings: Jaffa Cakes

Sleep: Louie’s over his sickness so he’s back to sleeping through which means I’m getting so much more sleep. Averaging 6 hours which is AMAZING!

Current Mood: Good although over being pregnant! I just don’t like getting so big and feeling so uncomfortable! Only 2 months left!

Appointments: I had a lot of blurry vision and dizziness at the beginning of the week so had to pop to the doctors to get my blood pressure/urine etc checked. It’s all fine just have low blood sugar which explains my Jaffa cake obsession this week.

Symptoms: Apart from the blurry vision not a lot really, generally uncomfortable. Baby has definitely got lower as there’s a bit of pelvic pressure going on. My wedding ring is still on the finger no swelling and my belly button is still firmly in place.

Stretch Marks: None, yet.

Positive of the week: We’ve been out every day this week so it’s been lovely! Lunch dates, soft play, messy play and shopping. Last weekend we saw a lot of family and made the cot and wardrobe up in the nursery: a good week!

Clothes: Top Newlook Maternity.

Love Charlie

5 thoughts on “Mummy Friday: Pregnancy Update Week 31

  1. I wasn’t one of those people who enjoyed being pregnant. So I get the not enjoying yourself part. I also suffered from blurry eyes for point that I swore I would never see properly again. Taking Omega 3 supplements helped me. I don’t know if it was the same kind of blurry eyes though. Mine were the feeling you get when your eyes are tired and dry. Like you want to rub them to make the blurry go away, but it doesn’t. It was awful. I couldn’t even read books for a while. I still take the supplements today.


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