A Mummy Moment: What changes when you become a Mummy

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Now we all know that I’m cooking baby number 2 at the moment so I know what changes to life to expect but I have a few friends that are currently pregnant and expecting their first.

When I meet for coffee with them it really makes me realise how life has changed for me. They all talk about how they’ve been making sure they get plenty of rest, waxing their legs and bikini line ready for labour and have been enjoying shopping for all the baby stuff they need. Me on the other hand… Well I can’t actually remember the last time I shaved my legs, I certainly don’t have time to go get them waxed. Putting my feet up.. well that’s a joke! I have an active toddler that doesn’t let me do that and don’t get me started on how much I still have to get and organise for baby number 2! Having the chance to go shopping is just a dream.

I love my life, I wouldn’t change it for the world! But I don’t think I realise how easy I had things before. Now when I meet up with friends who don’t have children I feel frumpy and out of fashion. I always used to be the one who had the latest handbag and designer accessories! Now I can’t remember what disposable income is with every penny being spent on Louie, baby number 2 or just general life.

When I used to have a night out with friends I would spend hours getting ready, days finding the perfect outfit and that would be all I would concentrate on in life. Fickle! Ha! Now if I’m lucky enough to get a night out I run around like a headless chicken getting the baby boy ready to go round Nanny’s and then realise I only have 15 mins to shower and get dressed. What to wear hasn’t even been thought about, I just grab the first thing that looks clean and like it might fit!

The hubby and I used to go away for the weekend at least once a month to the most glam hotel we could find in that particular city because we had money to spare. Holidays were always somewhere hot and swish and at a drop of a hat. Now we are booking one break a year to the place that is most family orientated. When I booked this years holiday the children’s pool and the fact it had a kitchen in the apartment won it for me not the cocktails and spa facilities.

The glamorous Charlie has long gone.

I can honestly say, hand on heart, I love my life so much more now than I did back then.

Who needs glam when I have the most amazing little boy that makes my heart skip a beat every time I see his beautiful face and I’m about to welcome my baby girl! Now I’m blessed!


Charlie xxx

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