Louie’s 16 Month update

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I can’t believe my baby boy is 16 months! Time really has flown and I’m so proud of my little Louie.

I’ve never wrote a dedicated Louie post before and was a little unsure on the best way to lay it out. So I thought I’d just tell you some of the things that make Louie Louie.

Action: Louie’s now such a good little walker, he started walking at 12 months (although took his first steps at 11 months). He’s now well and truly got the knack of it all and runs from place to place. Climbing is also something which he seems to mastered with stairs, window sills, chairs, sofas, pretty much everything not being a problem now. He’s also close to climbing out of his cot which is scary and I’m not partially looking forward to as he’s really not ready to move to a toddler bed yet.

Food: We have good days and bad days which I think is pretty normal. Louie loves the strangest of foods, his favourites are cured meat, olives, artichokes, smoked mackerel and salmon, roast or mashed potatoes, tomatoes, bread sticks and most fruits. He refuses to eat chips, rice, ice cream, pancakes, bread, bananas, pizza and eggs. Drink wise he loves water and his milk from a cup or with a straw. We got rid of bottles when Louie turned one as to be honest he wasn’t that interested in them and thought it would be a good time to change to tippee cups instead. Now he was a tippee cup of milk before bed but recently he’s started to not be that interested in that either so I don’t think it will be long before we cut that out of the bed time routine.

Sleep: Louie’s pretty good at night now after a lot of hard work and persistence with the routine. He goes down after a bath about 7-7.30pm awake and always goes straight to sleep. We started using a duvet a couple of nights ago as Louie’s getting too big for his sleeping bag and he loves it. It’s actually ment he’s slept for longer waking up at 7 rather than 5.30-6! Which is pretty amazing. The only time Louie plays up now is when he’s poorly which is to be expected.

Fun: Louie’s loves his books, the favourites being Dear Zoo and Fox’s Socks which we have to read about 20 times a day. We have a wigwam which we brought from GLTC for Xmas and he loves hiding and playing in there. Louie loves his Kitchen again from GLTC and likes to make cups of tea and bang his saucepans together. Also his mega blocs are a firm fav at the moment, building as high as he can and then knocking them over. The one thing that Louie loves more than anything is kicking the football around the garden with Daddy! Which Daddy loves!


Talk: To be honest Louie’s a bit slow with his speech, he much more interested in being active. I’m not worried because I know boys tend to be a bit slower plus he is only 16 months so still so young. He can say a few words like doggy, dadda, mumma, duck, nose, cup, more, gone, yeah, bird and car. He understands everything you say now and grabs your hand to take you to where he wants and claps, waves, shakes his head and points to communicate.

Personality: Our boy is stubborn!!! If he doesn’t get his way he certainly lets you know often ending in a little paddy! He’s also picked up the habit of when I say no to something he laughs at me and does it again! When Daddy says no he cries and goes in for a cuddle, funny how he knows how to play us both. Louie loves kissing and cuddling particularly our dogs which I get really jealous of as they get far more kisses than I do. He’s also very ticklish and loves having his feet tickled letting off the most amazing giggle ever.

Stats: Louie was following the 98th percentile for everything include weight, height and head size which I was told means he’s a big boy but all good from the health visitor. Since he’s started walking he’s now dropped down 2 percentile for weight but still on the top for height and head size. I’m hoping the next baby doesn’t take after him on head size!!! 😜

So that’s it really for now!

Love Charlie and Louie x

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