Style it Thursday: Hair Cuts, Hair Loss and Babies

My gorgeous hubby knows I’ve been feeling pretty run down of late so he’s treating me to a lovely pamper day which includes a day at the spa, facial, gel nails and a hair cut at an amazing salon.

Now I have a lovely friend who’s my hairdresser usually and obviously I’ll still be using her in the future, I’m actually getting my hair coloured by her in a couple of weeks but as a cut is included in my pamper package I might as well make the most of it.

When I fell pregnant with Louie everyone told me I’d have thick lush locks. Well for me that just didn’t happen in fact the opposite! I lost a lot of hair and when I gave birth to Louie I lost clumps leaving me with bald patches, I was pretty devastated to be honest but luckily I was able to cover up the patches by putting my hair up. It didn’t start growing back until Louie was around 6 months and only now is it at a decent length to be able to do something with. The regrowth is still a lot shorter than the rest of my hair so I was thinking of getting the rest chopped to blend it all in.

Currently the majority of my hair is around bra strap length, the regrowth bits are around 4 inches long so I was thinking of getting the LOB! (Long Bob). What do you guys think?

image image image image

I just hope and pray that when I have my little girl I don’t have the same problem with hair loss as to be honest it really is a massive confidence blow.

I’ll post pics of the finished cut next week.

Love Charlie xx

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