Pregnancy update Week 33


Hi Lovelies,

Its Mummy Friday and here’s my week 33 pregnancy update. I haven’t posted an update for a couple of weeks because I’ve taken a little time out. This week actually hasn’t been too bad, I’ve been enjoying myself a little more than the past few weeks. Yay!

Week: 33

Baby Size: According to my app she’s the size of a Pineapple.

Weight Gain to date: 20lbs, no gain over the last 2 weeks as I’ve not really had an appetite although I know the bumps got bigger! Think I’ve dropped a bit of weight from my legs as my jeans are getting a bit baggy!

Cravings: I’ve had a couple which I havent managed to eat as they’ve been in the middle of the night! :-/ Mr Whippy ice cream and battered sausage (not together!).

Sleep: Okay, Louie’s played up a couple of nights but apart from that sleep has been loads better.

Current Mood: Good, ready to have this baby! I’ve been nesting, cleaning and sorting out every cupboard in the house!

Appointments: None this week.

Symptoms: No new ones really, uncomfortable when I walk for to long. My wedding ring is still on the finger no swelling and my belly button is still firmly in place. Oh and lots of Braxton Hicks!!!!!!!!!!

Stretch Marks: None, yet. Hurrah

Positive of the week: We’ve had lots of lovely family time including a trip to a farm to see lambing (I kept a safe distance!), beach walks and an aquarium.

Love Charlie

6 thoughts on “Pregnancy update Week 33

    1. Thank you! I put on nearly 50lbs in my first pregnancy I just couldn’t stop eating. This time around its so different and I just don’t have the appetite! Good luck with everything, I’ll have a look at your blog now and see how your getting on xx


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