I’ve finally decided my birth plan!!!


Many of you might already know that I’ve been pretty anxious about the birth of baby number 2! I had a pretty hideous experience with my first resulting in an emergency c-section under general which my partner wasn’t allowed to attend. I won’t go in to the details purely because I’ve had to discuss it numerous times in the last few weeks with various midwives and consultants and can’t really bring myself to go through it again.

Anyway, this week has been d day! Meaning I had to make a final decision on my birth plan as time is running out as I’m now 35 weeks.

My options were c-section or natural… Both to me have their pros and cons. For anyone who’s had a c-section will know it is not the ‘easy’ option and it annoys me when people think it is. It’s bloody painful and when I think about it now I wince at remembering the pain. You can’t cough, laugh, move, go to the toilet, sit down, stand up or walk with out a hell of a lot of pain for the first few days. So when thinking about a c-section for an option I didn’t think about it too fondly.

I’m still yet to experience the full natural labour, I did 20 hours of labouring but never got to the pushing part with my first so I can’t actually comment on the recovery or experience. What I can comment on is the fact I’m petrified of the same thing happening again as it did with my Louie, I’m also petrified of the unknown!

So it really hasn’t been easy making a final choice. I’ve been back and forth over the last few weeks some days saying c-section some days natural. Now I know this shouldn’t even enter my head but it was quite appealing to know an exact date of when I will be having baby which I would get with a planned c-section as it means I could sort out child care with Louie and plan around. I’ve also had quite a lot of issues with my old c-section scar which I know it will have to be operated on at some point in the future, if I had a planned c-section they would sort this out at the same time.

As I’ve already said I’ve had to meet with various midwives and consultants over the last few weeks to discuss my options and sort out a plan. This week I meet with my final consultant where I had to actually decide what I wanted to do and put it down on paper for everyone. I’d been pretty nervous at doing this as it’s been such a major worry for me.

So I’ve decided to go natural, I have to be consultant lead and monitored the whole time that’s a given but I’m in the hopes I will go into spontaneous labour. If it comes to the point where I go over or they decide baby needs to come earlier I wont be induced I will just go straight in for a c section: I already have one booked for 41 weeks.

Saying that… Baby is currently in a strange sideways position so if she decides to not sort herself out soon I’ll have a planned c-section anyway!!!

So there we have it, after 30 weeks of worry I have finally decided what I’m going to do! Fingers crossed this time goes to plan….

Only time will tell!

Love Charlie

6 thoughts on “I’ve finally decided my birth plan!!!

  1. I know too well how agonising that decision is, so I’m glad you have made a decision that is right for you. Good luck and I hope all goes to plan πŸ™‚ xx


  2. I was induced and I loved being able to rock up to the hospital with my little bag packed but yeah missed that classic ‘I think it’s time!’ moment. x

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  3. I had one natural and one c-section due to being stubborn breech. People always ask me which was worse. Natural was a long 26 hours of labour, while the c-section was quicker obviously. But the recovery of the section was about 4 times longer than the natural. I don’t envy your decision, it’s a tough one. I hope your birth plan goes the way you hope πŸ™‚

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