A Mummy Moment: What’s in my hospital bag


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Hi lovelies,

I’m now 35 weeks pregnant and after talking about it for weeks I’ve finally packed my hospital bag! With a little help from Louie! 😂

Last time when I had Louie I followed what it said on various baby websites by taking 2 separate bags: one for baby and one for me. This time I’m just taking the one as there’s not much space in the hospital rooms plus it’s one less bag to lug around from room to room. I moved to several different wards and rooms last time and it was a pain in the bum taking all my stuff with me.

I’m not taking a fancy travel bag: as much as it was tempting to buy a nice new designer bag to take I’d rather save the money plus you don’t know where bodily fluids are going to fly too. The case itself is just a little carry on size hard shell suitcase with wheels so if I need to I can drag it behind me if the hubby has popped away for a moment.

Heres the list of everything I’ve packed: if you spot anything major I’ve forgotten or have any good suggestions pop a little comment at the bottom 🙂 Inside we have:

For Baby:

5 baby grows

5 baby vests

3 baby hats in different sizes

a pack of 24 newborn nappies

travel size nappy cream and baby powder

pack of cotton balls: I didn’t use baby wipes until Louie was 5 months old, until then I used cotton balls and warm water

a pack of scratch mitts

a blanket

5 muslin cloths

a cardy for going home

going home outfit

blanket for going home

For me:

5 pairs of big cheap knickers


lightweight dressing gown

2 pairs of socks

a cotton button up nighty for labour

2 pairs of pjs/lounge wear

going home outfit: I’ve packed a pair of maternity leggings and maternity/breast feeding top

pack of maternity sanitary pads

a pack of nipple pads

2 breast-feeding bras

nipple cream

hair bobbles and head band

hair brush

tooth brush and toothpaste

face wipes

body wash

shampoo and conditioner


makeup: Just cheap mascara, foundation and blush

lip balm


travel size perfume

ready made bottle of formula with disposable teets: I plan to breast feed but just incase there’s a problem I’m packing these for backup.

phone charger and phone

For hubby;

a spare T-shirt



Other: hospital notes

And make sure you leave the car seat in the car!

Wow that sounds like a lot but it does all fit in one little suitcase. I’ll be doing a baby and maternity wear shopping haul post soon with details of all the baby grows and maternity wear I’ve packed.

Love Charlie xx

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