Pregnancy update week 36 (and a half)


Hey Beauts,

Its time for my next pregnancy update, not many left now! It’s been a week of ups and downs with lots of cake….

Week: 36 (and a half)

Baby Size: According to my app she’s the size of a melon.

Weight Gain to date: 27lbs, 3lb gain in the last week and a half, there’s been a lot of cake!

Cravings: None really which is quite boring!

Sleep: Not much sleep going on here, Louie has 4 teeth breaking through at the same time plus I’m a whale so just can’t get comfy!

Current Mood: Up and down, feeling a bit sorry for the hubby as he can do no right!

Appointments: Had a midwife appointment this week, all good. Bump is still measuring a couple of weeks behind but nothing to worry about. Midwife said she’s a small baby and expects her to be around 6 pounds at birth. I did say if I have a 10 pounder now I will hunt her down! Another positive is baby has finally moved head down, yay, so she’s already!

Symptoms: Some pains in the belly which apparently is muscle related and general twinges. My wedding ring is still on the finger, some swelling but not enough to bother me and my belly button is still firmly in place.

Stretch Marks: I thought I had one and got quite upset but nope none yet! (Does a little dance) I’ve still been using Vital Touch Natalia Mum’s Miracle Balm

Positive of the week: Baby girls Nursery is finally finished! Expect a blog post to follow (a little peek is in the bump photo above).

Love Charlie

*this post contains PR samples but all views are my own.

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