A Mummy Moment: Questions you’ve asked me!


Over the last few months quite a lot of you guys have asked me various questions about me so I thought I’d answer some of them in a post. These are all Mummy questions, if you want a beauty and fashion one, post some questions below or tweet me. 🙂

Did you always know you wanted to be a Mummy? Yes, although I always said I’d adopt or foster and never have my own. It’s funny how your feelings change as you get older and the urge to have your own takes over. I’d still like to foster one day, it’s not something I’ve ruled out for the future.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? Who knows! I’d like to think we’d have 3 children by then (that’s our max no more after 3 lol). I’d also like to think I’ll be back at work doing something I love whether that be Marketing/Event Management, Makeup or something completely different.

What’s been the hardest age with Louie so far? Well, Louie’s 17 months now and I would say the months 4-6 before he could crawl were the hardest. Louie was really grumpy because he wanted to move around but couldn’t plus I was getting up in the night at least every 2 hours for a feed with him so everything felt hard during this time.

Do you believe in controlled crying and have you used it? I haven’t used the controlled crying method as such, I hate hearing Louie cry especially when he was under a year as I think sometimes babies just need their mummy’s. But having said that, have I left Louie to cry when I’ve put him down for a nap or to bed at night before now? Of course I have, I can tell the difference between playing up, being poorly or simply not being tired enough. Sometimes you have to leave them to have a little moan, although I wouldn’t leave him to have a full on melt down as I don’t think that’s helpful for anyone.

How’s your relationship changed with your hubby since you’ve had Louie? Obviously our relationships changed, mostly for the better. We were both very selfish before Louie came along and now we don’t even think about ourselves as it’s all about Louie. Of course we have a hell of a lot less hubby/wife time but the time we do have together we appreciate so much more. We have to make a conscious effort to make sure we find time for us as its important for our relationship. So we have dates nights occasionally and when Louie’s down for bed we cuddle up, watch films and catch up on each others day. In a lot of ways we’ve become closer as we’ve made this amazing little boy and I love seeing their daddy son bond.

Anything you would do differently this time around? Actually no there isn’t. I never read any books or parenting apps before or after Louie was born because I’m a firm believer in going with your gut, I think you just know the best way to do something that suits you as a mummy and your baby, everyone’s parenting style is unique and personal. Who the hell is anyone to say what the best way to bring up a child is?! The one thing that will be different this time is I’ll be more confident in my choices and not worry about what people think of me so much.

I think that’s all the questions you’ve asked me recently, if I’ve missed yours let me know and I’ll add it to the next ask me post in a few weeks time.

Charlie xxx

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