37 nearly 38 Week Pregnancy update


O hi nearly 38 weeks I’ve been waiting for you for a bloody long time! Woop, officially full term! Here’s what I hope will be my second from last pregnancy update! (May even be my last but I think that’s wishful thinking).

Week: 37 nearly 38 weeks.

Baby Size: According to my app she’s the size of a water melon.

Weight Gain to date: 28lbs, 1 pound gain this week. Apparently according to my friend she thinks quote ‘Your bump looks smaller because your boobs are sooooooo massive’.

Cravings: None, but I’ve had a lot of Easter chocolate!!!

Sleep: Dont even talk to me about sleep! Louie’s been good the last week but I have insomnia! Apparently so I’ve read, this is the way your body preps you for a newborn and all the sleepless nights! Blah whatever

Current Mood: Anxious

Appointments: None this week.

Symptoms: Shattered, hip pain, lightening crouch, braxton hicks, throbbing legs, you name it. My wedding ring is off! I have some swelling so wanted to take it off before I can’t get them off! My belly button is still firmly in place though.

Stretch Marks: Being so cocky has not paid off, I have 2 at the bottom of my belly!!!!! Only little and very faint so slapping on extra Vital Touch Natalia Mum’s Miracle Balm in the hopes they don’t get worse! http://www.vitaltouch.com

Positive of the week: Easter has been great with hubby around, lots of family time and some lovely lay ins for me!

I’m officially full term so I’m going to have some fun and try out some of the old wives tales to bring on labour. I’m only trying out the harmless ones, I’m sure they won’t make any difference!!!! Follow me on Instagram for my daily posts to see what I’m trying @mummyintheknow.



*this post includes PR samples but all views are my own.

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