Week 39 pregnancy update



Yep it’s week 39 and hopefully my last pregnancy update (yes I’m wishful thinking).

Week: 39 weeks

Baby Size: According to my app she’s the size of a water melon.

Weight Gain to date: 30lbs, 2 pounds gain this week. I’m eating rubbish to be quite honest!

Cravings: None.

Sleep: Actually ok this week!

Current Mood: I’m done! I’m grumpy, fed up and ready to meet my little girl now!

Appointments: I had a midwife appointment at the beginning of the week. Been told to rest as getting a lot of pain in my tummy, with a toddler resting is impossible! My blood pressure is up a bit so could be sign of labour coming (or not)! Bump is still measuring a couple of weeks behind but nothing to worry about.

Symptoms: Pelvic pressure, Braxton Hicks, swelling, tummy pains, leg cramps, the list is endless. My wedding rings are still off and my belly button is still firmly in place.

Stretch Marks: The ones that appeared last week are still there and getting a little redder! I’m slapping on a right mix of products bio oil, cocoa nut butter and Vital Touch Natalia Mum’s Miracle Balm in the hopes they don’t get worse! http://www.vitaltouch.com

Positive of the week: Been keeping busy to keep my mind off being so heavy and uncomfortable. Lots of play dates! Plus we built the double buggy this week, feels very real now! Ahhhh

#evictbaby update: so this week I started trying all the old wives tales to see if we could kick-start labour. So far we have tried raspberry leaf tea, bouncing on the birth ball, driving down bumpy roads, curry and walking. Apart from Braxton Hicks nothing, that’s right, nothing! So Hi Ho Hi Ho  it’s into week 39 we go!

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*this post includes PR samples but all views are my own.

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