1 Week Postpartum update

Hey Everyone,

I can’t believe it’s already been a week (actually 10 days) since I gave birth to little Evie. Here’s a little Mummy update:


Weight loss: 16lbs, another 14lbs to go! We go on holiday in September so I wouldn’t mind losing another half a stone/10lbs by then.

Current Mood: Hormones are not too bad, pretty stable.

Stretch Marks: No new ones and the ones I have are actually fading nicely, I’m using plenty of Bio Oil.

Feeding: I’m breast-feeding but Evie doesn’t like the left breast very much so having to pump. This has led to me having mastitis which I can tell you is extremely painful not only on the breast but with headaches, fever and shooting pains down my back and leg! It’s been a tough week and I’m looking forward to the antibiotics kicking in! This is why there is no photo of me this week as I look hideous!!!!!!! Next week I’ll post an update pic I promise.

Sleep: Getting max of 4 hours a night, Evie goes down at 10.30, wakes for cluster feeding at 2ish and then doesn’t go back down until 4. Then Louie wakes up at half 5 and Evie about 6. So all that coupled with the mastitis pain means not a lot of sleep for me!

Body: No joke my boobs are the size of watermelons!!!! I’m now a H cup, I didn’t even realise that size existed! I have gone up 5 sizes which is crazy! Pam and Jordan are not a patch on me! Not fun! My tummy has gone down nicely and I can feel my muscles going back in to place which I’m really happy about. All my swelling has gone and my wedding ring is back on my finger.

Highlight of the week: Seeing Louie bond with baby Evie has been amazing!! Plus a few days ago before the mastitis kicked in I had a blue steak and glass of champagne! Yum!


Love Charlie xx

8 thoughts on “1 Week Postpartum update

  1. Oh you poor love with the mastitis, it is so painful! Love the sleepsuit – we have the same and it’s very pretty. Hope you feel better soon

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