My first 2 weeks being a Mummy of 2 under 2!

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I can’t believe I have 2 kids under two! Here’s a little update of my thoughts, feelings, hormones, ups, downs and general craziness of our new life.

I am writing this on Thursday, yesterday I changed 18 nappies! Yep 18! I breast-fed 6 times for a total of 2 hours 12 minutes. I pumped (Evie has trouble latching on one side) 4 times for 1 hour 25 minutes and gave Evie 3 bottles (containing breast milk). I made breakfast, lunch plus 3 snacks for Louie and a family Dinner. I put in 3 loads of washing, cleaned 2 bathrooms and ran the Hoover around. This was in between reading books, playing mega blocs, running around the garden after Louie and feeding/sorting out 2 dogs. We also gave Evie and Louie their first bath together. I had a total of 3 and a half hours sleep with Evie feeding 3 times and was up at half 5 in the morning as that’s when Louie wakes up!! We are shattered! It’s non stop! Plus everything feels more draining and harder work as I’m suffered from Mastitis.

This is now our life, our new crazy life, I wouldn’t change it for anything!!! I’ll be honest I have cried this week, purely because the pain of breast-feeding with Mastitis and the lack of sleep was just a bit much. But on the whole I feel good and positive, I’m so blessed to have such a perfect little family. Louie has bonded with Evie brilliantly, we couldn’t ask for it to go any better. Louie kisses and cuddles Evie and looks around the house to find Evie if he can’t see her. It melts my heart when Louie grabs my hand and leads me to Evies Moses basket to show me her sleeping. He’s such a good little boy!

I have to say life is busy and is going to get busier! Not only do we have 2 kids under 2, 2 dogs, my husband runs a very busy business working a lot of hours, we are also building our dream family home which we are site managing ourselves using lots of different contractors, plus my hubby is training for the Dublin marathon. Sometimes I think we are mad! But this is so us, we never do things by half! Follow this blog to watch me lose the plot! 🙂

Charlie xx

13 thoughts on “My first 2 weeks being a Mummy of 2 under 2!

  1. Firstly Congratulations on the new baby and secondly… erm… wow 100 super mum points to you I mean I can barely hold it together to make breakfast, lunch and clean up with one child but hello…with a newborn, plus breast feeding, plus hovering and cleaning 2 bathrooms – all in one day – I don’t think I could achieve that in a week!

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    1. How funny, we don’t start building until August either but going through planning and contractors at the mo! I read your lack of sleep post, so with you on that! I had evie in bed with me last night and I never did that with louie!!! Anything to get her to settle! Xx


  2. Oh my word you’re doing BRILLIANTLY!!

    It’s hard work with 2 little ones isn’t it – how cute that Louie leads you to Evie awwww 🙂

    We’re having hectic fun too – and like you, I wouldn’t change it for anything 🙂 Mim x

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  3. Such a cute family! Congratulations. Try making sure you rest more than do housework. It’s so hard as you want to do it all at a time when you’re below par. Have you also considered am Osteopath for baby and you? My son didn’t like one side because he was cricked in the neck (osteopath found and fixed) this will help with the latch and subsequent mastis. I also had Osteopath treat my boobs! Helped with flow massively! Good luck and ok look forward to reading your story x

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  4. Sounds like you’re doing brilliantly. I have two under three and it’s hectic so I dread to think how you cope with two under two. Good luck and I look forward to more updates. Ps your little boy sounds like my eldest, he too is totally besotted with his little sister and now she can crawl and kinda play (10 months) it just gets cuter and cuter xx

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