3 Weeks Postpartum update


I can’t say the past 2 weeks have been easy, Louie had a nasty sickness bug which he kindly pasted to Evie. So there has been many trips to the doctors and no sleep in the house. Plus my Mastitis has only just cleared up, which means I’ve been suffering with a bit of the post baby blues! It’s been feeling pretty tough and like there’s someone up above that doesn’t like me very much. Today has been a better day, the bugs seem to have gone and we even managed to get dressed and tidy up the house. Let’s hope this week is a nice normal week so we can get into some sort of routine and I can get my confidence up.

Anyway I’ll finish moaning and get into my postpartum update:

Weightloss: 4lbs down, which I’m pretty shocked about. With the lack of sleep I’ve been reaching for the junk so thought I might have a gain. So there has been one positive this week, 10lbs left to go.

Current Mood: good now but there has been some low times the last few days. Although having said that I feel so happy with my little family, no negative thoughts have been going on just tiredness and stress.

Sleep: what is that again??

Feeding: still pumping and breast feeding which I’m really happy about, taking every day as it comes and not putting any pressure on myself. After all I have Louie to think about too and if it doesn’t work for us as a family then formula it is.

Body: The belly is shrinking a little bit more, my boobs are round my ankles a little bit more and my hair is falling out a little bit more!

Stretch Marks: A new one has appeared, yay! It’s not that noticeable and quite small but still! :-/

Highlight of the week: Mastitis has gone, the bugs have gone and we’ve started to get a life once more. Lots of visits from friends and family last week which was lovely. We also had a family trip to the local farm which was pretty amazing.

image image image

Until next week

Charlie xx

7 thoughts on “3 Weeks Postpartum update

  1. Glad to hear that the bug seems to have cleared! Hope your mood continues to improve. With a newborn it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself, I had to constantly remind my self that it’s ok to not be ok and asking for help is fine too.
    The pictures from the farm are adorable đŸ™‚

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  2. Er hello beauty face! You look like you’ve spent two weeks in a spa and someone just handed you that babby! Congrats on getting through AND on the pumping to feed, that must be hard work?!

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