4 Week Postpartum Update

The past 4 weeks have flown, I can’t believe I’m doing my 4 week postpartum update. If you’ve been following my posts recently you’ll know that the last few weeks has had its ups and downs but I’m confident things are going to get more positive now.

So here’s my week 4 update:

Weight loss: Nothing but that’s not surprising really as my diet has been terrible. I’m going to make an effort this week as we’re off to Centre Parcs in 2 months so wouldn’t mind wearing my swim wear without feeling hideous. So 20lbs lost 10lbs still to go…

Current Mood: A few days ago my mood was pants but now really positive and ready to tackle the week ahead.

Sleep: Evie’s not to bad with night feeds at the moment, she has a feed at 10.30, 2 and 4.30. Louie’s been a good boy and sleeping 7.30pm-6am so we’re feeling ok! I’m averaging 5 hours (broken sleep) which I’m pretty happy about.

Feeding: Still breast-feeding and pumping, still have mastitis! Waiting for the mastitis to go then I’m going to wean off, just don’t have the time to pump and it’s starting to impact on our life and not in a good way. It will take a good couple of weeks to wean off as I have to do it super slowly to ensure I don’t get mastitis again!

Body: as I said before no weight loss this week but I am back in my pre pregnancy jeans which is exciting. I’m off shopping this week to treat myself to a few bits to celebrate as all the maternity gear has been packed away. Who knows if it will be unpacked again one day but for now I’m not sad to see it go.

Stretch-marks: still there, still red, although no new ones. Slapping on the bio oil in the hopes they will fade before our holiday in September where I would love to wear a bikini.

Highlight of the week: A trip out to the park with my favs plus Evie smiled for the first time!!

image  image image

On the blog tomorrow is Evie’s 1 month update, crazy!

Love Charlie xx

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