Evie’s 1 month update


Evie’s 1 month today, this makes me emotional! it’s flashing before my eyes, where did that time go!!!

Here’s Evie’s 1 month update:

Weight: 9lb!!! 7.14 when she was born. Evie’s getting a little chunk already!

Routine: We haven’t started the bedtime routine yet, we’ll start when she’s around 2-3 months although we’ve started to bathe her with Louie every night. At the moment Evie and I head to bed at around 10.30 and we get up around 6 (obviously she has feeds in between).

Feeding/Eating: Every 2 hours except for night-time where Evie does one 3-4 hour stint. The last feed before bed is 10.30 then she tends to wake up around 2 then again at 4 and 6.

Milestones: Evie smiled for the first time last week, amazing moment! Plus she’s becoming much more alert following the sound of our voices and having plenty of awake time.

Wearing/Size: Newborn and up to 1 month. Although her legs are pretty much too long for the newborn so will be moving up to the next size soon.

My favourite Evie photos from this month:

image image image image


Charlie xx

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