Cheers to never breast feeding again!

Yep, you read the title correctly! Last night I enjoyed a glass of champagne and toasted to never breast-feeding again!

Last week I came to the realisation that it’s ok to stop breast-feeding! It’s ok to bottle feed, in fact if that makes you and baby happy then that’s what you should do. Evie is 5 weeks now and over that 5 weeks I have breast-fed the whole time. Also in that time I have cried a lot, been in pain a lot, felt under terrible pressure and felt a failure as a mum. It’s not been a positive experience for me.

When I was pregnant with Louie my first-born I tried to breast-feed but after a difficult labour and experiencing infections in my wounds I had issues with him latching on properly. I ended up stopping after only a couple of weeks, I felt terrible but Louie just wasn’t getting the amount of milk he needed. I remember having to justify myself to the health visitor, midwives and other mums at various classes as to why I wasn’t breast-feeding anymore. I could see the looks of disapproval and I felt horrid. So this time when I was pregnant with Evie I really wanted to successfully feed. I mean at all these antenatal classes they make it sound so easy, it’s a natural thing and any idiot can do it, it’s the best thing for your child and that is what you should do!!

After having a nice natural labour with Evie I thought right this is my chance to be a proper mum and breast feed like all good mums do. Well hats off to all of you good mums cos its bloody hard! They fail to mention how bloody hard it is at all these antenatal classes and midwife appointments. I have cried so many times I have lost count, I have been in hideous pain and suffered with 2 nasty bouts of mastitis. I have felt isolated and alone, it really hasn’t been the experience I thought it would be. I have many friends that have breast-fed and have nothing but positive things to say about it and I love that. I think that if its right for you and you enjoy it then you should make the most of it. I also have friends that have had a shit experience and have felt like they are the worst mums in the world because they have had to stop for various reasons.

I now refuse to feel guilty for making a decision that is best for my family. My baby is well fed and is happy and mummy is now too! So I say cheers to whatever decision you make for feeding your baby, formula or breast because I can certainly say that breast is not always best.

Charlie xxx

10 thoughts on “Cheers to never breast feeding again!

  1. Sorry to hear about your experiences:( you did well in trying and if it didn’t work, you don’t need to explain to anyone as to why. No one has the right to make you feel inadequate whether or not you breast or bottle feed. As long as your baby is being fed , that’s all that matters.

    I tried with both but PND got the better of me so my husband took over with care – I. Also had latching on issues and the lack of sleep was makin my moods plunge even further.

    Great post!

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    1. Thank you, there’s so much pressure these days but us mummies have got to do what’s best for our babies and for ourselves. When you have a child you forget about yourself but what makes you happy makes your baby happy. Hope things are good with you now and sorry to hear you had pnd I can’t imagine how hard that was to battle through x


  2. Good for you, you’ve given Evie the most important bit at the beginning and as you say, everyone’s happiness has to count for a lot. I stopped after 4 months of tears from my son and I as we battled silent reflux and I became borderline PND because of it. Congratulations on your lovely new squidge xx

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  3. Cheers!!! I remember having to explain myself also when I stopped breastfeeding Jacob and as you said I felt horrible! Breastfeeding really isn’t for everyone, if baby is happy and feed then it really doesn’t mater what way they get there milk! Happy Mummy= Happy Baby 🙂 Hope you enjoyed your champagne!

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  4. Great honesty! I’m currently about to drop with my second after attempting feeding myself the first time round but got myself in such a tiz we decided to bottle feed. Partner had no paternity and felt very alone and sore! With this pregnancy I’ve finally got the confidence to say to midwives/health visitor, do you know what? I will try to feed yes, but no way am I getting myself into that state again and feel pressured into it!
    You’re exactly right, breast feeding isn’t always right! And I’m fed up of seeing it everywhere and being made to feel like you’re letting your child down etc. Rant over.
    Great blog! X

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  5. Great post! I’m in a similar position at the moment myself. Currently enduring my second bout of mastitis and I’m an emotional and physical wreck. I’m really thinking of weaning onto formula. Did you switch cold turkey? Any tips for not getting blockages/mastitis whilst weaning? Thanks so much!

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    1. Hey Julie, sorry to hear your going through it as well! It’s horrible isn’t it! Weaning wise, I did it really slowly over about 10 days. Slowly started to introduce formula. Day one dropped one bf to formula, did that for a day or so, then dropped another for a couple of days until it was all formula. I wouldn’t do cold turkey as you’ll get
      Mastistis back and you don’t want to end up with an abscess. Wait until your antibiotic have cleared up the mastistis before weaning as hard as that is! Good luck hope it all goes ok. X


  6. Great post, totally agree with you on this! I felt exactly the same. I hated it and got to a point where I dreaded picking up my baby. So much for bonding!! Thanks for highlighting that it’s not always a positive experience 🙂


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