Week 5 postpartum update


This is my second from last postpartum update as I’ll be stopping them at week 6 and changing them to post baby diet updates. I’ve had a really positive week and here’s why:

Week 5

Weight Loss: 1 pound down this week which I’m actually really shocked about as the diet hasnt been great. I started slimming world yesterday so hoping next week I’ll have a loss too. 9lbs to go…

Mood: so so so positive this week! Since stopping breast feeding my mood has improved and I feel on top of the world.


Feeding: As I said I’ve stopped breast feeding and pumping and I couldn’t be happier. I’m so proud of the fact I did 5 weeks but it was the right time to stop as it just was becoming stressful and too painful. So Evies now bottle fed with formula, my hubby loves this as he likes giving her a bottle and finds it a real bonding experience.

Body: Stretch Marks are calming down a bit and no new ones have appeared. Boobs have gone down a cup size which bloody brilliant!!! Now to drop a few more and I’ll be a happy bunny!

Sleep: This is such a positive week, Louie’s been brilliant sleeping through and getting up at 6-6.30 every morning which compared to his usual 5am wake up calls is a dream. Evie is doing so well, she has her last feed before bed at 10 then wakes at 2 then again at 5. She’s so good because she goes straight back down with no problems after each feed and we don’t seem to have much of an issue with wind.

Highlight of the week: Being happy and my hormones calming down has been the highlight!

Love Charlie

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