What’s in my Nappy bag with 2 under 2!

Hey Loves,

A few of you have asked what I carry in my changing bag so today I’m sharing the masses of gear I have to carry around with me when heading out with 2 under 2! There’s a lot of it but all very much-needed! I’m still getting to grips with remembering it all before heading out but the more I head out the easier it will get I suppose (I hope anyway)!!

Today we’re heading out for the afternoon to the park so this is what I packed in my nappy bag:

I invested in a bigger Nappy bag a few weeks ago, I saw this one on sale in Mothercare, it was only £40 reduced from £70 so even full price wasn’t greatly expensive. I’m not bothered about spending a small fortune on a flashy nappy bag because I don’t really treat it with any respect. I throw it in the car, on the floor and bash it against the walls when my buggy driving skills are tested. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve had tippee cups or nappy cream leak in the bottom. I think this one is quite cute and doesn’t really look like a changing bag. It’s black quilted with pvc details with both an over the shoulder long strap or small hand handles. Inside it has 3 large open pockets and two smaller zip-able areas as well as 2 pockets on the side so plenty of areas to get organised. (Hope you can see this on the photos).

image image

Inside I keep the following;

3 Nappies for Louie, he’s in size 5+ and has Sainsbury’s own range. They fit him really well and have never let me down.

3 Nappies for Evie, she’s in newborn size one and these are Pampers. We tried the Sainsbury’s own range but they just don’t fit her little bum very well and we had a lot of leaks.


Pampers baby wipes, I only use pampers as the supermarket own brand ones I find just aren’t as good and I end up get through double the amount.

10 nappy bags: I use these not only for dirty nappies but also to bag up dirty clothes like bibs, baby grows if we’ve had a leak and also Louie’s dirty spoons to take home so that I don’t get my changing bag messy.

Changing mat: this came with my nappy bag and folds up really small so is ideal.

Bottle and bottle holder: I use the tommee tippee range of bottle and teets as I find them really good. The bottle holder came with my changing bag.

Clothes: A change of T-shirt for Louie as he doesn’t often let me put a bib on him and still has messy spoon skills. I always carry a bib for Louie just incase he will wear it, plus a baby grow and vest for Evie incase we have an explosion of some sort and a hat for Evie.

Muslin cloth: I don’t use a bib for Evie I just use a Muslin cloth for wiping her mouth and putting under her chin.

Snacks for Louie: Ella’s kitchen the purple one and an orange. Louie gets really low blood sugar when he’s been running around and needs food there and then otherwise we have a lot of tears.

Non spill cup of water for Louie

A book and some wooden animals (these are from GLTC) incase I need something to entertain Louie.

Makeup bag with a few essentials incase I need a quick touch up after running around the park if we head off somewhere after. Plus a hair bobble, headache tablets, maternity pads and nipple pads.

Suntan lotion factor 50

Obviously car keys, sunglasses and purse.

and that’s all of it! It weighs a ton but I need everything!

Love Charlie

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